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Consultant/Trainer:  Ishaq Kazi

Contact details:
Equality Assurance Ltd, 129 Carlton Crescent, Luton, Beds, LU3 1EP

T. 07968 512 803
E. ishaq318@yahoo.co.uk,

Type of Business: Social Enterprise trading as Company Ltd by Guarantee

Area/s covered: East of England Inc London

Number of trainers/consultants in the business: Four plus associates

Type of services available through you/organisation and preferences for the type of contract you would like to take on: Human Resource Development, Training, business planning, facilitation, organisational and management development and personal development

Fees/charge policy (daily and hourly rates): From £350.00 - per day

Brief profile of the person, association or organisation registering for possible contracts: Ishaq is an experienced consultant of over 20 years. He has worked in private, statutory and voluntary sector organisations. He has professional qualifications in training and an Executive MBA. During the last five years he managed Harvest Training in Hertfordshire and has helped numerous voluntary organisations in becoming more enterprising and innovative. He has a particular interest in supporting managers in managing their human resource.

Consultant/Trainer:  DR. Nazia Khanum

Contact details:
Equality in Diversity, 19 Blandford Avenue, Luton, LU2 7AY

T. 01582 566468
E. nkhanum@aol.com

Type of business: Sole Trader

Area/s covered: National

Type of services available through you / your organisation:

  • Research in any areas e.g. housing, regeneration, employment, health, social services, leisure facilities, learning & skills, domestic violence, forced marriage, cultural / religious / social needs of diverse communities of different age groups, ethnicity, culture, faith, gender, sexuality and people with disabilities;
  • Equality and Diversity Audit / Review of public, private and voluntary sector organisations;
  • Best Value Review of organisations in the public/private/voluntary sectors;
  • Project management/direction, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Trainingfor all organisations at all levels from chief officers to front line staff on equality/diversity relating to legislation (race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, belief etc), for eliminating discrimination, promoting good practice, community relations and cohesion, target setting, monitoring and reviewing; training/awareness is also provided on diverse religions and cultures
  • Writing reports on behalf of organisations e.g. response to Green Paper on behalf of housing associations, writing a project evaluation report on voluntary sector organisations etc;
  • Training for trainers on equality and diversity;
  • Training for mentors on equality and diversity and challenges of mentoring;
  • Executive Mentoring for chief and senior officers of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors on achieving institutional culture change relating to equality and diversity;
  • Project direction and management; this also includes setting up project structures, goals, targets/performance indicators, management systems and mechanisms for monitoring progress and measuring impact on target groups and organisations;
  • Evaluating /reviewing (on equality/diversity/best value performance) projects / organisations e.g. housing projects, community enterprises, regeneration projects, learning and skills projects, mentoring projects, training projects etc and also organisations such as colleges, work-based and other types of learning/training providers, voluntary community organisations, local authority departments, housing associations etc;
  • Organising consultation meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Translation/interpretation services from Bengali to English and vice versa.

Fees/charge policy (daily and hourly rates): For research, management, training etc the fee is normally 500 per day + traveling expenses (public transport and/or car mileage and occasionally taxi fare where appropriate). The fee for translation/interpretation is 40 per hour.

Brief profile of the person, association or organisation registering for possible contracts: Dr. Khanum has a BA Honours and MA in Political Science from the University of Dhaka and a PhD in History from the University of London. She worked over a long period as a lecturer and later as an Assistant Professor in Eden Girls' College and the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. She has also worked as Commonwealth speaker and teaching fellow at the Commonwealth Institute in London, as Assistant Community Relations Officer in Luton Community Relations Council, as Head of Race and Housing Action Team and Race Relations Adviser at Greater London Council and Tower Hamlets Borough Council, as Joint Head of Equal Employment Opportunities in Inner London Education Authority, as Education Officer, Equal Opportunities in Ealing Borough Council and as Senior Education Officer for Equal opportunities, Section 11, Policy, Research and Community Development in Bedfordshire County Council. Having acquired extensive experience and skills at senior management levels in five English local authorities and having worked in community empowerment/capacity building with many diverse community groups since 1983, she set up in 1996 an independent consultancy in Equal Opportunities/Diversity Management, Research and Training. She also worked in 1998 as Senior Specialist Health Promotion Officer for ethnic minorities in the Bedfordshire Health Promotion Agency. In a voluntary capacity Dr Khanum has been working with diverse communities for over 20 years. As part of her public service, she serves the wider community and also specific disadvantaged groups through her membership of many different public bodies and voluntary organisations. For 7 years, Dr Khanum was also a member of the Race Equality Employment Advisory Group in London - a high profile national body chaired by a Parliamentary Under Secretary. This national body included the Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, representatives of the TUC, Equal Opportunities Commission etc.

Consultant/trainer:  Franstine Limerick, CIPD Grad

Contact details:
B Inspired Training, Mentoring and Mediation Services, 25 Irlam Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 9QR

T. 07961 825 928
E. inspire.training@ntlworld.com

The type of business or organisation: Sole Trader

Area/s covered: East of England

Type of services available through you / your organisation and preferences for the type of contract you would like to take on: Diversity training/awareness; Facilitation; Mediation (Employees, Housing Residents, etc) Mentoring, Consultation projects with hard to reach or marginalized groups. Consultation training.

Fees/charge policy (daily and hourly rates): 500= daily rate, 30 = hourly rate. Cancellation fees 250 = daily rate

Brief profile of the person, association or organisation registering for possible contracts: Franstine is a diversity consultant and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) with extensive experience of Equality Policy development. She previously managed the “Our Communities Speaks” project, which is a consultation and involvement project with Black and Minority Ethnic community groups. Currently she is the Equality Consultation Co-ordinator for Suffolk County Council, co-ordinating consultations with marginalized groups throughout Suffolk. Franstine has experience in working at a strategic level with organisations in both the public and private sector. She is also an experienced Harassment Advisor and Mediator. More recently she has delivered diversity training and development for Suffolk County Council and partner agencies. Franstine is currently a trustee of the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE)

Consultant/Trainer:  Stephen Abdullah Maynard

Contact Details:
Stephen Maynard & Associates 178 Biscot Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU3 1AX

T. 01582 411900
F. 01582 411900
E. s-maynard@btconnect.com

Number of trainers/consultants in the business: Nine

Type of business: Partnership

Area/s covered: South East and Midlands

Type of services available through you / your organisation and preferences for the type of contract you would like to take on: Training includes management training, social care training, organisational development training and counseling. Consultancy includes qualitative social research, project management, and organisational "turn arounds".

Fees/charge policy (daily and hourly rates): The scale is between £450 to £900 plus VAT

Brief profile of the person, association or organisation registering for possible contracts :Stephen Maynard & Associates have been providing training and consultancy for twelve years to the public and voluntary sectors. They are a multidisciplinary team working in individual and organisational learning settings. Contracts include looking at leadership, diversity, organisational development and social care.

Consultant/Trainer:  Moriah Priestly

Contact Details:
Landmark consulting, 8 Trent I shoe crescent, Furtzon, Milton Keynes. MK4 1HF

T. 07903 573998
E. chimd@hotmail.com

Type of services available through individual/organisation and preferences for the type of contract you would like to take on: Bid writing and fundraising (government, trusts, corporate); capacity building; management of specific projects; IT services e.g. database and website development, training in office software, developing portals, etc; stakeholder consultations; organisational health checks and development projects e.g. setting up legal bodies etc.

Fees/charge policy (daily and hourly rates): £300-£600 per day depending on type of commission

Brief profile of the person, association or organisation registering for possible contracts: Over 10 years experience of social and economic development, working with an objective to educate and empower. A wide experience of clients (community members, politicians, ex-offenders, BME groups, travellers, women, faith groups, young people) We are a results orientated organisation but are well able to engage clients in the process.

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